Market Sectors

MECS regonises that every market sector has its own set of challenges and requirements for it’s packaging. The same level of Robust containers used in Automotive may not be needed , for instance in a Ultra clean Pharmaceutical setting. It is the reason why MECS finds the very best solutions from around the Globe and not defined by just one brochure. The very best solution will be offered to match the job in hand. MECS works across a mulitude of industries with many bespoke containers which have been deisgned , developed and modified to bring you the very best product.

Food and Beverage
Food and Beverage Industry MECS

MECS offer a wide range of IBC’s which are designed specifically for the rigours of multiply trips and daily use typically found in the Food & Beverage sectors.

Offering Foldable returnable containers made of either Plastic or Metal – in sizes varying from 250 litre to 1200 litre capacity – MECS has the solution for products like Fruit Pulps, Dairy Produce, Condiments & Edible Oils.  MECS range of Trays & Crates can be used to eliminate Cardboard packaging and assist with more efficient in-House movements of ingredients / part finished goods.

A range of packaging solutions suitable for transportation of dairy, meat, fruit concentrates and pulps, condiments, sauces, oils, liquid sugar, liquid egg, beverage syrups and flavours and more.

Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical MECS

MECS wide range of Hygiene Pallets, Foldable Trays & Crates can be effective in any modern Cosmetic or Pharma operation.  The MECS range of Bag in Box solutions can improve the way in which companies receive raw ingredients or send liquids to co-packers or the end users.

Suitable for transportation of creams, hair gel, shampoos and conditioners, liquid soap, tablet and pills, cough syrup, vaccines, non-hazardous chemicals, make-up remover, contact lens solutions and more.

Retail, Packaging and Distribution Retail and Distribution MECS

We supply a huge range of products to help reduce transit packaging and freight costs whilst improving handling, picking and in-store replenishment. Our high-quality range of storage, transportation and storage solutions are hardwearing and durable to provide excellent product protection. MECS has a bespoke service and can offer roll cages and other retail friendly security cages and containers.

Recommended products: pallets, preform bin, Magnum and Maxinest.

Agriculture Agriculture MECS

From Field to Store – MECS can take away a lot of double handling by switching to Retail Ready trays Crates and Shippers .  See our range of FLC ‘s (Folding Large Containers) which can be vented, foldable and stackable, all ideal for the harvesting and storage of large fruit and vegetables which may also require cold store. Our products are built to withstand the daily rigours of this demanding sector.

Recommended products: trays, Vented Big Box, wood effect trays.

Automotive and Industrial Automotive and industrial MECS

Robust and long lasting packaging for tough market conditions. See the MECS heavy duty Plastic pallets which will outlast any wooden pallets but without the risk of splints and damage.  We also offer various sizes in Big Box solutions for car parts , heavy items or just bulky products.

Recommended product: Tall Magnum