MECS offer a wide range of IBC’s which are designed specifically for the rigours of multiply trips and daily use found in many market sectors who are packing non-hazard... View Products
Folding (FLC)
MECS has an extensive range of options when it comes to Folding Large Containers ( FLC’s). From Lightweight to Heavy duty applications, MECS has a solution, all especia... View Products
Crates & Trays
MECS has a vast global supply of solutions when it comes to crates & trays, our eco-friendly range are used right across most market sectors including food industry, ... View Products
Solid Sided Containers
MECS has a wide range of options when it comes to Rigid Pallet Containers (RPC’s). These non-folding boxes are very robust & durable. They offer a strong and effici... View Products
MECS range of FLC’s can be used across all Industrial sectors with choices from Lightweight to Heavy Duty options in different footprints. The FLC’s have been develop... View Products
Plastic Pallets
MECS offers a full range of Plastic Pallets, which can match most industry requirements including Heavy Duty Pallets for the Automotive sector to Hygiene Pallets for Clea... View Products
In this demanding world of manufacturing and processing, sometimes it is hard to find the perfect container, tray or box which fits your product or production lines. This... View Products