Folding (FLC)

MECS has an extensive range of options when it comes to Folding Large Containers ( FLC’s). From Lightweight to Heavy duty applications, MECS has a solution, all especially designed for long haul trips and multiple uses. Covering most market sectors, the FLC range can cut costs on packaging and lower customers carbon footprint.

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The Boxerpak is a very lightweight unit which consists of 3 parts, plastic 9 footed base, a foldable tough PP sleeve & the lockable lid.  Designed for the packaging market, ... View Product Specification
The box is ideal for plastic caps & closures, Preforms and other lightweight packaging components that tend to get shipped in unstable bulky cardboard boxes which bulge out a... View Product Specification
MECS Retail Shipper
The MECS multi-purpose ‘one touch’ eco-friendly plastic foldable unit is deigned to cut costs between supplier and retail display. It is designed to cut out double handling a... View Product Specification
A very lightweight box designed for low density items like textiles, non-food retail supply chain and clothing. This unit can hold between 200 – 300kgs depending on the model s... View Product Specification
The strongest plastic FLC with an impressive 750kg load and up to 3200kg of stacking load, since this unit can stack 4 onto 1 when full. It offers smooth sides which make it easi... View Product Specification
Dynamic Egg Shipper
The MECS range of foldable ‘one touch’ environmentally friendly shippers are designed to bridge the gap between packing house and retail point of sale. The units will facilit... View Product Specification