Plastic Pallets

MECS offers a full range of Plastic Pallets, which can match most industry requirements including Heavy Duty Pallets for the Automotive sector to Hygiene Pallets for Clean room conditions. MECS also can supply Plastic Pallets to suit any budget since they have budget one way Pallets, nestable lightweight Pallets right the way through to reinforced Pallets, built to last many cycles.

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Beverage Pallet
The latest advances in Pallet technology have been applied to bring this excellent example to the market , ideally placed for the rigours and demands of the Beverage finished goo... View Product Specification
MECS Heavy Duty
The Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets from MECS areĀ available in various footprints which have been carefully selected to meet the highly demanding day to day use in Heavy industry log... View Product Specification
One Way Pallet
The use of One Way Pallets is still a necessity in modern supply chains, the range of MECS one way Plastic Pallets offers customers excellent value for money coupled with a quali... View Product Specification
MECS Hygiene
The Hygienic Pallet range isĀ ideal for food, meat, and pharmaceutical logistics and for all situations where a perfect combination of mechanical performance and highest hygiene ... View Product Specification