Solid Sided Containers

MECS has a wide range of options when it comes to Rigid Pallet Containers (RPC’s). These non-folding boxes are very robust & durable. They offer a strong and efficient storage packaging system which are automation-friendly. Typical applications include whole fruit and vegetable harvesting, Heavy Automotive parts, cold store keeping, to name a few. They are very versatile and come in many dimensions, finishes and materials to match most needs.

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MECS Magnum
The MECS Magnum offers protection to your products, the robust solid built container ensures items like Automotive parts , fitments or any other products you wi... View Product Specification
The Ultimate Big Box, fully vented option for maximised air flow in cold room conditions. Maximum volume due to the concave nature of the inside walls, which helps boast a 690l c... View Product Specification
The AgriMECS is designed for fruit & vegetable supply chain, from field to processing. It is designed shallow enough to making filling it easy, and to protect the product fro... View Product Specification
MECS Big Box
A smooth and hygienic unit makes this ideal for the food & Beverage industry. It is easy clean and has drain hole in the base of the container. It can be offered solid sided ... View Product Specification