MECS Seasons

The MECS Seasons is a clever liquid bulk Intermediate Bulk Container that can hold up to 330-gallons / 1250-liters in a single Plastic Container. It has been designed specifically for the efficient storage and transportation of fruit concentrate and Tomato paste type products. It is different from a standard unit like the MECS Multi Tough, as it does not tend to need a drop panel or bottom discharge given the nature of filling / decanting operation associated with this market. However, the container can be provided with either or both as optional extras if needed.

Key Benefits:

    • Holds up to 1500kgs
    • Robust, Long lasting
    • Stacks 5 high when Full
    • Easy to erect
    • Can hold the same contents as 6 standard drums
    • Lowers global shipping and distribution costs
    • Sustainability benefits – Returnable system


Why use the Seasons  IBC?

The MECS Seasons  container has been made using latest technology and even with thinner walls, than most other plastic IBC, it can take 330 Gallons or 1250L and still stacks 5 high when full.

This container is ideal for most Fruit concentrates, purees , pulps and pastes provided the right Aseptic Liner bag is provided with the system which is compatible with the customers Aseptic filling station, although clever solutions can be offered to accommodate most set ups

Size Available: 

1220 mm x 1120 mm x 1170mm

Liner Bags:

MECS can supply the required Irradiated Aseptic liners for products like Fruit Preps , Juices , Concentrates & Purees provided we can match the current criteria for the filling machine.

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