Quality Assurance

Sustainable, Reliable and Innovative Packaging Solutions for you. Returnable plastic packaging is less expensive than traditional materials like wood or cardboard: it is durable, sustainable, light, strong and safe. These are all factors influencing the costs per packaging unit per journey.

European Standards at the heart of the Middle East. In a world that depends upon logistics and transport, all shipped in packaging materials, we need to reduce the environmental stress caused by packaging waste. At MECS, we believe RTP (returnable plastic packaging) systems are the answer. MECS promotes the following:


  • We support the United Nations environment campaign (www.unep.org).
    In Practice: We offer a range of products which are made with 100% packaging. The products are designed to optimise their life span (up to 10 years in industrial conditions). Our production partners contribute to CO2 reduction. Using our products guarantees safe transport of your goods (UN homologation) by road, rail, and air.

Recycle your packaging

  • MECS can offer its clients recycling knowledge and services. We offer full support and can take care of collecting, recycling and re-using returnable packaging materials that are ready for replacement. The products that are recycled at our partner’s facilities can even be safely used as food packaging. For this purpose, EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) provided scientific advice and approval of the offered recycling process.

ISO Certified Suppliers and Partners

  • MECS is proud to offer ISO Certified Solutions via our Global Supplier network, most of our sites conforming to: ISO 9001: Quality ISO 14001: Environment ISO 22000: Food Safety ISO 50001: Energy.

Our Mission Statement

  • MECS aims to be recognised as ‘Best in Class’ – A company that provides high quality and Innovative Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) solutions which excites and appeals to our customers ever evolving supply Chain needs.It is MECS desire to be the most trusted packaging supplier in the region by offering a professional, transparent and reliable service that delivers on its promises time and time again.To be fair and responsible to all our clients, partners, suppliers and stakeholders with a commitment to building long term mutually successful relationships.

Safety & Health Policy

  • MECS works in a way to create a safe and healthy working environment for employees & partners. We realize that safety is a matter of appropriate behaviour in the first place. Training and safety audits are used as tools to increase safety awareness and assure improvements are carried out across all departments of the company.

Reducing Costs

Working with you to produce a thorough logistic cost-saving analysis for your company.

  • Assessment of current packaging flow
  • Current packaging system comparison
  • Review of durability and sustainable requirements
  • Analysis of cost per packaging unit per journey
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