MECS was established in 2016 in Dubai, UAE, the company is fully committed to the development and production of innovative and smart RTP (Returnable Transport Packaging) solutions for various sectors including Food & Beverage, Dairy, Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical and Agriculture to name a few.

MECS is active in the field of RTP solutions because we have seen that business has become more global and across many borders. Raw materials, pre-finished and finished goods are transferred increasingly within countries and over continents by truck, ship and plane no matter the distance. Production and assembling has become a global process which tends to increase transportation between those suppliers, producers and consumers which are involved in global supply chain process.

Unfortunately, the transport packaging which is used daily and over long distances are not always efficient in terms of materials and construction. But as transport is a repeating process, it is and will, be even more important as it has a direct impact on costs, time and the environment.

This is why MECS was founded – to help our clients recognise the limitations and real costs incurred with their current packaging format and then by working closely with various departments, understand and offer a better solution for them and their clients which supports the growing global push to be greener and throw less away.

We are developing smart solutions for transport processes which help our clients towards “Move Smarter, Throw Less Away”.

We are steadily looking for new materials, new Partners and new production methods which help us to achieve maximum stability whilst having lowest weight. It is our target to eliminate ineffective transport and logistics processes. We follow and support the global trend to reduce CO2 emissions and we are using recyclable material wherever possible.

With regards to cost, time and waste saving, we want to help our customers work with sustainable and smart solutions.

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5 Reasons Why People Use MECS

1. Service & Support

We engage with you understand your business and suggest the best possible solution.

2. Premium Quality

We supply only quality products with no fillers or cheap recycled material.

3. Widest Range of Products

We are not just a manufacturer of product we also have an international network of partners so we can supply you with solution which accurately meet your needs.

4. Price

With RTP, price should not be the prime driver since “cheap is expensive” is a typical outcome when cheap packaging needs constant replacement. The MECS range is not the cheapest to purchase but we are competitive and our solutions will provide the lowest operational cost and one of the best return on investments you will make.

5. Transparency

We will provide an honest and open assessment of what we can and cannot do. We will not try and sell you a product that does not meet your needs. We would rather advise you of an alternative solution even if outside MECS.