Crates & Trays

MECS has a vast global supply of solutions when it comes to crates & trays, our eco-friendly range are used right across most market sectors including food industry, packaging manufacturers, Beverage industry, Cosmetic & Pharma, Retail, Automotive & Agricultural sector. The scope of plastic solutions is certainly challenging traditional packaging like wood and cardboard, as pressure rises to reduce costs, improve hygiene, cut risk of contamination and preform within an ever more demanding supply chain. The MECS range of Crates and Trays are all designed to deliver cost savings to our customers and improve their efficiencies and Operations.

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A dedicated range of trays aimed at the hard-wearing Agricultural sector, where cost of packing boxes and harvesting crates is crucial in the highly competitive and demanding ma... View Product Specification
Thanks to the wide choice in footprint, depths, colour variants, the KLT box range meets all kinds of industrial needs. They are small, versatile, robust and practical to use. Th... View Product Specification
This extensive range of stackable trays and crates with a 180o rotate option to clearly identify 2 potentially different stock items can be provided in a vented versio... View Product Specification
This security crate, designed with attached lid for added security for non-food and retail sectors, is widely considered best in class due to its uncompromising strength and ergo... View Product Specification
MECS Prelog Box
A versatile range of foldable boxes, with attached lid or without lid. The choices are many. This RTP solution is aimed at Non Food , Retail & Automotive parts but is flexibl... View Product Specification
MECS Natural
The wood effect plastic folding tray is fast becoming a favourite in many retail operators. Its natural appeal helps promote the appearance of the products, mainly fruit and vege... View Product Specification
MECS Nestable
Nestable models drastically reduce reverse logistics cost and valuable storage space. These lightweight pallets are ideal for retail supply chain and possible export. They can be... View Product Specification
The award winning Maxinest has been created to replace one way cardboard packaging in the food and grocery retail sector. The robust nature of the tray allows it to work seamless... View Product Specification
MECS Prelog
The Prelog range is extremely versatile and available in many different sizes to fit most requirements and packing configurations. It has maximum ventilation for fresh food longe... View Product Specification
Nestable Crates
Available in capacities ranging from 15 - 50+ litres, our MECnest line of nestable, stackable crates are the perfect solution to ensure the efficient use of storage, transport an... View Product Specification